We’ve all heard it before, that was then and this now. Sometimes you try to avoid changes in favor of the comfortable status quo. But after looking at the official Black Friday & Cyber Monday numbers, there is no way you can deny it’s time to adapt, embrace the marketing changes or lose more business. According to comScore.com, Cyber Monday sales were up 36% over last year. Mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets accounted for more 29% of Monday’s online traffic. Reports also state that 35% of people said they made their purchasing decisions based on referrals from friends on social media such as Facebook and Pinterest.

Marketing Change #1:

If you’ve been putting off designing a new mobile website or increasing your social media presence, well you’re in need of a big New Year change. Times have changed. Businesses who want to survive and thrive have got to jump on board and embrace marketing changes. You can’t rely on people wanting to come to your storefront or remember you’re there. We are all constantly bombarded with e-mails, texts and other digitalcozy messages telling us to buy now. So, why should we leave the comfort of our homes for the traffic, undesirable weather and crowds? The answer is WE DON’T!

Having a mobile site that is able to be found is key and a marketing change worth making. If you don’t have one, this is a marketing change to embrace now! Below are a few points to consider while planning your mobile site:
1. Keep it Simple:Overloading with content won’t make for as good user experience
2. Be Concise: Consider your goal for a mobile site and get to the customers need as quick as possible. Any unnecessary swipes and clicks should be cut out.
3. Keep it Short: Don’t allow too much text input for users. Even if you require filling out a form, like a sign-up keep it short.
4. Brand it:Of course your website should showcase your brand with logo, colors and style
5. Don’t Overcrowd: Don’t put too much information on one screen page. Your visitors should be able to easily walk through pages of your site with minimal effort

Don’t despair if you feel like you’ve left off some important but secondary information off your mobile site. If your customers need to access your full site, include a link to the full version.

Marketing Change #2:

Even if your business is one that customers can’t purchase on-line through your website, you’ve got to be on-line reminding your customers “I’m here”, because there are plenty of other businesses who are reaching them in their comfy, warm homes. People like to know and buy what their friends are buying and having your brand on platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest can increase your brand awareness. So it’s time, time to embrace change and keep your business in front of your customers. Your customers are on-line and so should you be!

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