Need To Borrow A Cup Of Sugar? There’s An App For That.

Well…maybe not an app for sugar specifically, but close. Nowadays, we’re connected to our neighbors more than ever before with the help of Nextdoor, an app that’s taken neighborhoods by storm. The private social network allows residents to communicate with each other and to be made aware of events and situations that take place in the neighborhood. Lost dog? Snap a picture and upload it to the app. Help Fido find his home again. Looking for a plumber? Place a message on Nextdoor to get some recommendations and suggestions. Here’s where it gets interesting.

Nextdoor For Business?

This app has done and continues to do wonders for homeowners across the U.S., but we can’t ignore the benefits it has for businesses out there too. Professionals, especially in the home service industry (plumbers, HVAC specialists, roofers, electricians, home construction workers, etc.) can benefit from a neighbor review and suggestion to another neighbor.

With such a good opportunity for lead generation and reviews, what does Nextdoor offer for local businesses? According to Nextdoor’s website, they are “actively working to roll out Nextdoor for Businesses across the US.” Once this feature is available, businesses will have the ability to interact with neighbors and local customers by creating a page.

What Can You Do Now?

Until Nextdoor for Business launches, the business owners currently have the ability to participate on the app as individuals. There, you can list your business on your profile and respond to relevant requests from neighbors and offer your services. Word of mouth goes a long way too! When you get done with a job, encourage your customer to recommend you on their Nextdoor app.

People pay attention to businesses working near and even in their neighborhoods. Don’t underestimate the power this app can have on your business.

We’re On It

SDB stays up to day with and aware of new opportunities for our clients. While it’s not yet available, rest assured when it is, our team will have all of the neighborhoods talking about your business! We can’t wait to see what Nextdoor for Business can do for you! Give us a call or fill out our form below for more information on SDB and the services we offer.

Get The Neighbors Talking

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