New Emojis Make A Splash This Summer

69 new emojis are making a splash this summer as they’re scheduled for release next month. In this collection you’ll find gender-neutral characters, a woman in a headscarf and even a T-Rex to name a few. Just to give you an idea of what a big deal emojis are — 6 billion (that’s billion with a B) emojis are sent every day. In case you’re one of those people that think they’re pointless and silly, quite a few people outnumber you here, sorry about it. If you want to know more about the emoji, where it came from, and who decides on what new emojis the world should have, you’ve come to the right place.

Where Did The Emoji Come From?

The emoji started in Japan (duh, everyone knows that) in 1999. Mobile phone companies noticed more and more users were sending picture messages to communicate. The problem with this was that operators were struggling to keep up with a technology to support the picture messages. Thus, the emoji was born. Users were so excited to have this new emoji thing at their fingertips, only taking up as much space as a single character.

Who Come Up With New Emojis?

18 years later emojis are now a universal language. Crazy enough, they don’t translate the same across all devices. This is where Unicode Consortium comes in, they make sure that iPhone users and Android users see the same emoji on their devices. Not to mention, this fabulous group of people also gets to decide which emojis are made and added to your phone’s operating system. How cool is that?

“It’s not like the Supreme Court, they’re not going off into some star chamber in robes or anything. It’s not like that at all.” Greg Welch, a member of the consortium, told NBC News.

Anyone, and I do mean anyone can submit an emoji proposal for consideration. (Cool, right?) The only hang up is that the approval process can be long and in case you didn’t know; we live in a world of instant gratification (check out Kelsie’s Insta Society blog from last week). The emoji selection is not the final step, the designers at Apple and Google have to design the way the emoji should appear on their respective devices. Designers can use different colors, shading and different levels of detail to make the emojis look different on their platforms.

So just think about all of the work that actually goes into the creation and distribution of emojis. All of that work and we simply touch a key on our phone and the picture pops up! Until the newest emojis make their debut, you can see which friendly faces (and snacks) will be on your phone after the next update.

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