Networking Is Vital

Networking, and connections in general, are vital to success. Not just the success of a business or specific campaign, but to our own personal endeavors. Where do you network? At meetings,  city events, around the dinner table? Those are all great places, but the social media world is where you should be for optimal networking.

Networking over social media can benefit you more than traditional ways of networking!

Are you networking over social media?

The future is now. Our world is digital. So while traditional networking is fine and dandy, you are only hurting yourself if you aren’t networking over social media. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn…the possibilities are endless and always changing.

Today, I’m choosing to discuss a few popular networking tips found on Twitter (if you don’t have a Twitter, no problem! Get our kickstart kit HERE).

So here it goes, here are 3 networking tips (in less than 140 characters!)

1. When you first meet someone, use their first name a few times to create the feeling of familiarity. @CIOonline

-Everyone likes to feel special, and the best way to do that whenever you first meet someone is to use their first name (naturally) in conversation. Be careful with this one…you can easily go overboard and be creepy. Think, “So, Carolyn, how long have you been in the advertising industry?” or “Matt, it’s so nice to meet you.

Why don’t you tell me a little bit more about your role as marketing coordinator?” Keeping a conversation focused on the person you’re speaking with can create an intimate, personalized, conversation. People love talking about themselves.

2. Don’t attend networking events with a list of things you want. Arrive with a list of things you can offer. @LearnVest

-You’re setting yourself up for failure if you go to a networking event with the selfish intent of personal gain. Go in with an open mind, knowing what you have to offer and how to confidently communicate your capabilities/opportunities. Give before you take.

3. Interesting people easily make meaningful connections. Be able to talk about topics other than work. @HuffingtonPost

-There is nothing worse than a person who only knows how to talk about their job. While that may be your initial connection, broaden your conversation into personal interests. You may make a connection with someone who shares your same love with underwater basket weaving (or whatever). This connection brings you closer in the world of business as well. After all, success depends on connections, right?

Not only can these Twitter networking tips be used in traditional networking circumstances, but you can apply them to your social media networking efforts as well! When done the right way, networking over social media can bring you more connections than what traditional networking will. I’m not giving you an excuse to skip out on your next dinner party, but social media networking can prove to be an excellent supplement!

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