In yesterday’s blog, we told you about where to start for a marketing plan.

Today, we’re discussing the how.

We left off yesterday by telling you how to work with a professional to develop a marketing plan. After you have a game plan, how do you start?

A vital part of having a marketing plan is understanding that you may have to adjust that plan.

(Now, for those of us out there – me included – who like to have a stable, definite plan, this is difficult. Keep in mind that a marketing plan has to be something that is revised frequently. That is simply the nature of marketing; you see what works and what doesn’t and adjust accordingly.)

One of the last parts of a good marketing strategy is a plan of action. This literally consists of several action items, similar to the ones below:

Week One

  • Verify listing on Google Plus
  • Create Facebook page
  • Conduct keyword research
  • Develop optimized content
  • Find images for website

Need A Plan?

SDB can help!

Of course, these are just a few examples of action items. Did you notice the “Week One” heading? You should designate your action items to be done during certain times of your plan. It helps keep everyone accountable and outlines a plan of when thing need to be done.

But, keep in mind, marketing plans require a bit of trial and error.

You should have a weekly meeting with the professional in charge of your marketing to be sure you’re both on the same page. Communication is key. You want to be sure your marketing professional knows everything they need to know about your business. Of course, their job is to learn. But who knows your business better than you? It is best to communicate what points you want to promote. It’s their job to promote it.

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