So, you may have heard, or even received an email about the changes Facebook is making in January 2015. But, if you’re like the majority of people, you’ve ignored it or deleted the email. Well, that’s where we come in. We’ll hit the high points and let you know how these Facebook changes will “enhance” your Facebook experience.

Privacy Basics

Facebook values the privacy of their users, stating that: “Protecting people’s information and providing meaningful privacy controls are at the core of everything we do.” The new privacy basics allows you to control what others see about you and how you interact with others, in a more specific way than in the past. For example, you can choose who sees your posts (via the post section of a new post). You can also see how your profile looks to someone else by accessing the “view as” feature from the lower right corner of your cover photo. You can then test what your profile looks like to specific people or to the general public. Of course, if you don’t like something you see (or don’t see), you can configure your individual privacy settings.

Ad Improvement

Have you ever wondered why you’re seeing specific ads in your Facebook newsfeed? Businesses use Facebook ad targeting to reach a specific audience with their ads. You are “sorted” into a specific category based on the pages you like, in mobile apps you use, interests you specify, city, age, etc. Businesses are then able to target you if you are in their specific audience. Well, now you’re able to control that. By clicking the drop down arrow from the top right corner of an ad you see, you can choose from several options including “This ad is useful,” “Why am I seeing this ad,” “I don’t want to see this,” or “Hide all from this advertiser.” Basically, you are now able to customize the ads you see, based on your personal preference.

Will these Facebook changes really “enhance” user experience? Time will tell. The funny thing is, it doesn’t really matter what Facebook changes, people will still continue to use it. Facebook has become a part of our culture, it’s how people (especially young people) communicate, so even something as important as privacy changes is not expected to affect how many people use the platform. To know more about the Facebook changes, visit their website HERE.

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