Yesterday, I told you my first vacation story that proves that your business, no matter how small, can benefit from a digital marketing strategy.

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One component of a good digital marketing strategy is a website. Not just any website. Your website needs to be optimized and appealing in a way that will ensure you’re found and chosen. To learn more about how we do that, check out our blog series on qualities of a good website.

Which brings me to next point.

My job on this vacation was to find and book cabin for my family. As you would expect, I did this online. Being the thorough researcher that I am, I looked at several different company’s websites searching for a property that would accommodate us. How did I begin my search, you ask?


But I’m sure you could’ve guessed that.

You Need An Awesome Website.

We can help!

I click on the first search result and am directed to an awesome website, visually anyway. However, the search function was not up to par. It was hard to filter my search terms and I ended up clicking away.

Onto the next one.

So I go back to the Google search results page and try the second listing. This time, the website was visually appealing and had a seemingly good search tool, but it wasn’t responsive (also known as “mobile friendly”). Since I was searching on my phone, that simply wasn’t going to work.

Let’s try again.

Well the third time was a charm and I found the a great site with the perfect cabin for my family. I ended up booking through this website with ease and will probably use them again in the future.

All because of their website.

Find out more about how your business can benefit from a digital marketing strategy tomorrow as our blog series continues!

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