During our family vacation, I had several instances where a small business benefitted from their digital presence. From restaurant picking and cabin choosing, the handy dandy World Wide Web helped us out a lot.

Just goes to show that your business, no matter how small, can benefit from an online marketing program.

Let’s continue, shall we?

While the boys were on the golf course, my mom and I decided to do a little shopping. However, it was a little early (just before 10am), so we wondered if one of our favorite stores was open.

“Don’t worry, Mom!” I proudly exclaimed. I’ll consult Facebook!

So I did. I searched for the store’s business page to find out what their hours were. To be honest, the store was not convenient to us, so if they weren’t open, we would’ve found somewhere else to spend our money. We were just looking to kill a little time and maybe hit up one of our favorite stores.

Thankfully, I found their page and it had the updated, correct information. Score! So often, in a small town like that, businesses either 1) don’t have a business Facebook page or 2) if they do have a Facebook, it doesn’t reflect the correct information. In addition to finding the page, I also found out they were open!

Facebook Is Where Your Customers Are.

Be sure you're there, too!

So what did we do?
Packed our purses and headed that way!

Here’s the thing. If this certain store did not have a Facebook OR if they did not have the right information, we would not have gone. Like I said, it was out of the way. But because they had an online marketing program in place and prioritized Facebook, they benefitted by gaining my business…

…which prove to be (a little too) significant.

These vacation stories I’ve shared during this blog series have proven that YOUR business can benefit from an online marketing program.

So what are you waiting on? Let’s get started today!

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