When I’m on “vacation,” I tend to come up with some of my best marketing ideas. I don’t know why…since I’m not technically supposed to be “working,” but, it’s true!

So, when I was on my plane ride home from my Christmas vacation, I was looking out the window and noticed something I’ve never noticed before.

(See image below.)

marketing placement

Do you see it??

Do you see it? Do you notice what I noticed?

Okay, maybe it’s just me, but I immediately noticed the Southwest website URL. Which made me think of the importance of marketing placement.

What do I mean by marketing placement?

It’s more than just where you place your marketing. There’s an entire strategy behind it (or there should be). Think about it. You should place your marketing directly in front of your target customer…always. If you don’t, it’s a waste of your time & money.

For example, a co-worker recently shared a very ironic story that directly relates to marketing placement. He lives in an apartment and received a direct mail piece for lawn service. In fact, everyone in his complex did. What need for lawn service do apartment dwellers have? Exactly. 

Is Your Marketing Attracting Customers?

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That direct mail distribution was obviously placed incorrectly. Why? It was placed in front of the wrong people. To be effective, you marketing has to be placed where your customers are.

Bonus question: Do you know where the majority of people are?

The same place you are right now. Online.

So, where does your marketing need to be? (Extra bonus points for this one!)

Yep! Online.

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