2014 is almost over. And if you went without a digital marketing strategy, you really missed out! Digital, or inbound, marketing is all about bringing customers to you. No more cold calling or knocking on doors. Doesn’t get much easier than that! Of course, there are various components to a digital marketing strategy, including content creation/planning, blog posts, social media, email, online advertising, etc. Don’t miss out on sales from digital marketing in 2015! Here are 4 “must haves” for your 2015 digital marketing strategy.

4 Digital Marketing Strategy “Must Haves”

Demographic Targeting-Find out where your consumers are and make your presence known. First, establish who your buyer personas are. Who are your target consumers? What do they like? What do they do? What are their values/necessities? Answer those primary questions to get a good sense of who your buyer personas are. Next, you can target your advertising. Is the majority of your target market on Facebook? Maybe you should increase your presence/ad budget on Facebook.

Quality Over Quantity-Forget junking up web pages and blog posts with overly repetitive keywords. When it comes to SEO, focus on content and what your buyer persona is looking for…and then give them what they want!

Personalize-Use the data you have collected from existing customers to deliver personalized content (because nothing welcomes a customer onto a page like seeing their name or previously entered information). There is technology available just for this purpose, try Demandbase or Mintigo.

Analyze-Use conversion tracking/website analytics in 2015. It is critical to find out where you’re lacking/what you’re doing right to continuously improve throughout the year. Think of analytics like a report card, and develop a plan for improvement.

Not Having A Plan Is Planning To Fail

There you have it, 4 must haves for your digital marketing strategy in 2015! Go ahead and start planning now. Like we say at SDB, “not having a plan is planning to fail.” Get started with our “10 Ingredients to a Successful Marketing Plan” checklist below! Good luck!


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