Consider yourself a “techie?” Yeah, I did too before researching must-have tech gadgets. And no, this isn’t a review of the latest iPhone or Apple Watch.

Take a look at the list below and let us know what you like best!

The IPhone 5 Pocket Prong Case – $99.95

Gone are the days you have to ask for a phone charger…plug your phone straight into the wall with this case!

  • No Cords Needed
  • Integrated Wall Charger
  • Detachable Backup Battery
  • Beautiful, Protective Inner Case
  • Pocketable

Available for iPhone 6s/6 | 5s/5

Warranty: 1 year warranty

Battery: 1500 mAh (80%)

Dashboard Mounted Windshield Protector -$69.00

Determine your estimated time of arrival and navigation straight to your windshield with this gadget.

  • Works wirelessly with compatible Bluetooth-enabled smartphones (paid app required)
  • Advanced navigation through projection
  • Projects navigation information onto your windshield
  • Provides estimated time of arrival and Lane Assist
  • Offers speed, traffic and safety camera alerts

Virtual Keyboard – $119.99

Transform any flat service into a workspace with this virtual keyboard.

  • Type on any flat surface
  • Pair with Bluetooth phones, laptops, or tablets
  • Use with Apple and Android devices
  • Type for up to 2 hours per battery charge

Infinite USB Port – $10

Turn one USB port into 2 with this infinite USB port.

Must-Have Gadgets?

We do "must-have" marketing!

Solar Phone Charger – $26.97

Charge your phone…solar power style! The surface plate of the Cling Bling charger creates a suction to cling to the glass window and gets solar powered. It is almost 6 inches square and has an internal polymer battery that stores up to 1800 mAh power.

Silicone Water Bottle with Phone Storage – $21.30

For all you fitness enthusiast, this water bottle conceals and protects your phone during your workouts.

  • 18-Ounce capacity
  • Designed to fit iPhone 4 and 5
  • Flip spout; Silicone Wrist strap
  • Play and store your phone in the bottle
  • Amplifies your phone music

Like I said before, I want to know what must-have gadget you like best! Reply to this blog or tweet us at @SDBCreative!

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