This week’s blog series is all about the moving parts of marketing and how they work together to benefit your business.

Yesterday, I left you with a bit of a teaser…

What, exactly, is creative development and how can it be used for your business?

Creative Development

I told you that online, or digital, marketing is my jam. You know, website magic. But there’s more to marketing than just what I do. Let’s explore more about the world of marketing, shall we?

Creative development is essentially all the artsy stuff used in content publishing and website design. Some examples of creative development include video production and graphic design, both of which are components of an awesome website. These elements are critical to your online presence and can say a lot about your business and marketing efforts.

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Think back on the last online video you saw. Did you consider the production quality? I guarantee that if it was bad, you considered it. In my opinion, bad video production translates to a business that does not value their marketing efforts, or maybe even their image at all.

Or maybe you saw a really bad graphic or even worse, a bad website. You may have questioned how much they truly value their image if they put out such poor quality creative. Don’t be “that business” who makes themselves look bad with poor creative quality.

While creative development may not be my strength, we have a team member who is. You see, that’s the great thing about SDB. Each person has a strength, and since they are the best at that aspect of marketing, that’s their role on the team. Together, we make marketing magic happen. It’s awesome. Let us show you. Submit the form above!

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