As a business owner, you know that there are a lot of obstacles involved; some of which that are out of your control. Responsibility is just part of owning a business. But what do you do when something happens (out of your control) that negatively affects your business?
For example, say an employee acts out or an angry customer goes rogue. What is your response? More than likely, you want to make a statement to the public in order to protect your reputation, and to protect your brand.

How will you choose to make this statement?

Protect Your Brand.

With marketing, you can!

While there are a variety of options you could choose from, no matter what you choose, you will not be seen as credible if no one has heard of you before.

Think about it. It’s happened to you, too. Consider the recent situation with our beloved Chipotle. The bacteria outbreak led to diseases that sickened their customers. What did they do in response? In addition to pounding out promotional coupons, they communicated their public statement over their marketing media. They used their existing, and prominent, outlets to respond to an unfortunate situation.

But what would have happened if you had never heard of Chipotle before or if they didn’t have the strong marketing presence that they do?
1. You would say “so what? I’ve never heard of them before anyways.”
2. You wouldn’t see the marketing message because you have never been exposed to their marketing media.

It is critical to have a strong marketing presence. Not just for growing your business and making money, but to manage your hard earned reputation and to protect your cherished brand. It’s a critical outlet for any business.

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