Back to work after an extended vacation celebrating Christmas and the New Year.

If your “ahhhh” is more like an “ugggh,” then this blog is for you!

We can all use a little “Monday motivation,” but especially this Monday, right? Let’s start the New Year right and go in with a bang!

Last year is in the past. You may have made some poor business decisions, or experienced some failures. Employees may have disappointed you and you might have not exactly “fulfilled” your resolutions for last year…

But guess what?

That is OKAY.

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One of my favorite quotes is this: “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

Of course, this can be in business, or just life in general. But everyday, I try to do something that I will thank myself for later. Keep in mind that “your future self” doesn’t necessarily have to be your “10 years from now self.” It can be your “tomorrow self,” too!

So if you’ve set 2016 resolutions for yourself, that’s awesome. But keep in mind, you are most certainly not a failure if you don’t achieve them. Strive to achieve them and to better yourself or your business. But if you don’t?

Tomorrow is a new day…full of new opportunities.

So today, appreciate a new year and a new day. I encourage you to do something today that your future self will thank you for. Maybe it’s as simple as filing away a stack of paperwork, or maybe it’s something involved like implementing a new marketing plan for your business. (Take it from us, your future self will thank you for that.)

Have a magnificent Monday and a wonderful 2016!

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