Mixing Politics & Your Brand? Think Again.

If you’re living under a rock, you may have missed Kathy Griffin’s latest flop involving a greusome and controversial image of a headless President Trump. The release of the photo ultimately did not go as Kathy planned. But then again, what did she expect? Griffin lost the majority of her gigs and over the week more and more of her comic tour stops gave her the ‘ole, “We’re good thanks, but no thanks.” Kathy lost her career, integrity and credibility, but she did teach us a valuable lesson when it comes to your brand. Mixing politics and your brand? Think again. 

We all have opinions, yes. But when it comes to your brand, politics should go out the door. Completely out the door. Why? let’s discuss that here.

Brands Should Unify

Brands should unify people. Brands should be able to connect on some level to all consumers regardless of their political views. The truth is, politics are divisive. Division is no goal a brand should have.

Politicians Win By Votes. Brands Win By Number Of Consumers.

Politicians win by votes. They divide and conquer. Brands don’t win by votes, they win by growing in number of consumers. One way to lose a large number of your consumers? Taking a political stance that turns away half of your audience.

Some Say Taking A Stance Increases Loyalty

If loyalty is your main goal and number of consumers is not your main concern, taking a political stance may not be something you mind doing. But if your goal is to GROW, you want to avoid one-sided messages that alienate half of your consumer base.

Brands Beware

So what did we take away and learn from Kathy? Leave the political comments, messages and stances up to politicians (and most celebrities.) Focus on growing your business deep-rooted in your unwaivering company values that make you who you are. Besides, growing a business is more fun than losing customers. Right?

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