The Olympics are filled with medals, anthems, and of course, marketing. If you’ve watched the Games at all you’ve noticed product placement and brand awareness efforts by many of the finest sports gear, credit card, and beverage companies out there.


The crazy thing: the Games are beyond strict about who they deem official sponsors, so many brands and businesses should practice mindful messaging and try to remember that the ENTIRE WORLD is watching.


Let’s take a look back at when an American favorite, Nike, messed up big time on the largest stage on the planet. The year was 1996 at the Atlanta Olympics. Nike, not an official sponsor, found ways to get their brand noticed without the huge sponsorship fees.


One way they did this was purchasing billboard space all over Atlanta and placing advertisements in local magazines. Pretty good idea right? The problem? Their message was not so encouraging.


In magazines, their messages read, “If You’re Not Here To Win, You’re a Tourist.” While billboards screamed “You Don’t Win Silver, You Lose Gold.”


For athletes who trained tirelessly in their sport and were excited to represent Team USA, it felt as though Nike had already set them up as failures. You don’t win silver? That’s a bit of a harsh message when you’d think they would promote sportsmanship.


Sine then, Nike clearly has become one of the largest marketing powerhouses around, but this just goes to show, anyone can mess up. It all comes down to messaging.


Whatever your message is, always be mindful of your audience and the reaction you want to achieve from the public. A small slip can take a brand down and change their image forever. Luckily, that was not the case with Nike who has since then promoted healthy competition and celebrated achievements.


Your messaging should be consistent with the values of your customer and promote good feelings toward your company! Not sure where to start? That’s where we come in! Fill out our form below to get started with SDB today!


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