Mobile marketing. It is exactly what it sounds like…marketing via a mobile device. “Marketing on the go,” if you will. And guess what? Those who are “on the go” are more likely to buy right away. The term “mobile marketing” encompasses a couple of elements:

Mobile Marketing

  1. Responsive design-Your website will adjust to the screen of the person viewing it, therefore, making your website easily viewable on any mobile device (laptop, tablets, cell phones, etc…)
  2. Mobile advertising-Running ads exclusively on mobile devices, so that consumers available via mobile can see the ads.

And yes, mobile marketing works. Here are the stats to prove it:

  • The majority of consumers are of the opinion that mobile-optimization sites run faster than non-mobile-optimized sites. (ExactTarget, 2014 Mobile Behavior Report)
  • 37% of consumers are more likely to purchase on a mobile-optimized site. (ExactTarget, 2014 Mobile Behavior Report)
  • 27% of consumers will leave a site if it is not mobile-optimized (ExactTarget, 2014 Mobile Behavior Report)

Want To Go Mobile?

We can help!

Here’s the truth.

People are using mobile devices today more than ever before. And in a year, we’ll be able to say the same thing. Mobile devices aren’t going anywhere but up. They’re here to stay.

So what advice do we have for you?

Go Mobile.

Make your marketing mobile. Be certain than you are reaching the “mobile” audience. They are more likely to buy, so make sure they find you when they’re looking.

No only do you need to be found when your consumers are looking for you, but you need to look good when they do (responsive design, content, aesthetics, etc.)

Well, not only are we in the business of “making sure you’re found,” but we’re also in the business of “looking good” when you are! So give us a call at 432-218-6736 OR submit the form above and we’ll get started TODAY!

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