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Today, your potential customers usually establish their opinion regarding your company within seconds of visiting your website. Your website design in Midland is the digital face of your business. With this being said, you want to clinch your customers attention in the first few seconds of them viewing your website. There are many different requirements when it comes to your website, so you shouldn’t just hire any ole yahoo off the street to manage it. Here are some of the most important aspects that you should have in the Midland market.


94% of first impressions are related to your website design. Meaning if your content doesn’t draw someone in quickly, they’ll move on within seconds of visiting your site. Your website should have a clean, and easy to read design that is dynamic and engaging for your clients. Your layout and navigation is also extremely important and should be easy to follow. If your customers are unable to easily navigate through your website, they likely won’t spend the time on your company.


Keyword optimization is extremely important for your website. You want to use keywords that your customers are searching for. Keyword optimization will help put your website at the top of the search results. Along with keywords, blogs and pages can help add to your search engine rank by ensuring your website design in Midland is fresh and updated.


Because the internet is accessible to anyone 24/7, you want to ensure that your website is responsive. Meaning you want to ensure that your customers can maneuver through your website with their phones or iPads just as easily as they can from their PC.


Another must have for your website design in Midland is to make sure your company’s contact information is highly visible for your clients. If they have a question which requires an immediate response they won’t want to search your website for 10 minutes looking for your phone number.

If these aspects are important to you for your website design in Midland, then SDB Creative Group is the design team for you! Contact us Today!