Charles Harrington, Director of Development Services says, “We had a request from City Council to examine and look at the billboard ordinance to see what kind of improvements might need to be made.” So begins the process of passing an ordinance to limit Midland, TX billboard marketing. This new ordinance requires that there be a 1,500 foot distance between billboards on the same or opposite side of the road. Additionally, to put up an electric billboard, two static billboards will have to be removed. Putting up one static billboard will cause for another static billboard to be taken down.

Why limit Midland, TX Billboard Marketing?

Simply put, it’s ugly. Harrington also stated “If it comes within a certain distance, you get a lot of visual clutter if you have a lot of billboards. In between them, you might also have on-premise signs, so it becomes, in some peoples view, a clutter issue.” While billboard marketing can be effective, it is a traditional method of advertising that does not get the return that it once did. So, not only is it “visual clutter,” but it is not as effective as newer forms of media.

Midland, TX Billboard Marketing<Midland, TX Inbound Marketing

Let us introduce the concept of “inbound marketing.” Essentially, inbound marketing is marketing with a magnet and not a sledgehammer. It not about chasing down potential customers, but attracting them. Are you attracting your customers? If not, let us help! Request a FREE marketing consultation by submitting the form below!
City Council approved the first reading on this ordinance but is waiting for the second reading for it to be finalized, but the plan is expected to go into effect in January of 2015.

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