Merry Memories To Share

I am somewhat of a sentimental person. Let me rephrase that: I’m an EXTREMELY sentimental person. So much so, that I keep anything I deem “meaningful” and given my way, I would still own every toy, gift, picture, note, etc. that’s ever been given to me. God also blessed me with the gift of remembering just about everything, which is a huge blessing if you ask me.

This week we are all sharing our favorite Christmas memory but for me, they’re all worth picking. The merry memories I have shared with friends and family are ones I will cherish my whole life.

One Christmas, my sister and I were given matching vests and my mother thought it was the perfect opportunity to make us wear them while singing in front of the tree. My dad filmed as my mom kept us in line. I continuously corrected my sister when she sang the wrong words until she gave up and began singing “Jingle Bells Batman Smells.” I’ve almost worn that tape out watching that clip over and over. No matter how ridiculous I thought it was at the time, I am so thankful my mom made us do that!

I’ll always treasure the memories I have of picking out a real tree at the lot, putting lights and a wreath on our Fisher Price house, and waking my sister up entirely too early to sneak a peek at what Santa had brought us. The sentimental part of me wishes I could relive those days so long ago, but I am so very thankful of the Christmas memories I make year after year with the people who mean the world to me.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and may you make merry memories to cherish for a lifetime!

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