I’m sitting here busily working away, and my TV is on a local news channel.

In the past 5 minutes, I’ve seen 3 different Memorial Day commercials.

“Memorial Day savings,” “Memorial Day Clearance,” “Annual Memorial Day Sale” etc., all using the Memorial Day holiday to promote their sale.

Honestly, as a consumer, I love Memorial Day. Not only does it signal the start of summer, but the spring clearance sales are unbeatable! I can buy things at a huge discount and still get to wear/use the things I buy through the summer season (because summer is just a hotter version of spring anyways). Unlike winter clearance sales, which I have to wait an entire year to wear/use the things I buy (but with these savings, I’m practically MAKING money…right?!)

Why Memorial Day?

So yes, Memorial Day signals the beginning of summer, but why use Memorial Day to promote a sale? To consumers, Memorial Day has a positive connotation (start of summer, day off from work, BBQ with the family, a day on the lake, etc.) and businesses take advantage of this. They strive to be a small part of this positive consumer perspective and creep their way into your holiday through commercials and other advertising methods. This is just another way businesses try to be relevant and prominent in the eyes of their consumers.


In order to stand out and cut through the advertising “clutter,” be different. If you choose to take advantage of a holiday, like Memorial Day, for your promotion, make your campaign different. Either choose to advertise a unique aspect of your business (an unbeatable selection entirely unique to this area!) or make a change how you’ve always done your advertising (go entirely digital instead of buying media). There are a variety of ways to be different, but choose something that sets you apart!

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Happy Memorial Day!

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