In continuing our Mega Mobile Advertising series, we’re onto Part 3, discussing more on the mobile app advertising side of mobile marketing…

And today, we’re talking about a dirty word. I hope you aren’t offended.



Wait. What?

Campaign is not a dirty word, you say.

Well, in mobile marketing, it is.

Let me explain.

The perfect mobile marketing campaign isn’t exactly a campaign. It’s an extension of your brand where marketing is only involved. It’s kind of like we talked about in Part One when we discussed “mobile first.” Don’t remember? Get your reminder here.

Quit Putting It Off.

Let's get started!

One way to extend your brand with mobile advertising is with video.

Rather than actually telling a story of your brand, mobile app marketing is more about “doing” the story. This allows consumers to be an active part of the brand. In fact, viewers are very generous with their time on mobile. (Makes sense when you think about it. Most people find themselves “wasting” most of their time on their mobile devices.)

As we’ve mentioned before, video is a very effective form of media when it comes to mobile. But there’s a fine line when it comes to video…viewers are much more likely to watch a video that’s informative or entertaining, as opposed to a more ad-like video. That’s not to say that you can’t brand your video in a way that promotes your business. However, it has to be done strategically…and in a way that attracts and maintains the attention of your viewer.

At SDB, we know this strategy and have had clients benefit from mobile app advertising. Quit putting it off, let’s get started today! Contact us by submitting the form above!

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