After a slight peek into Kelsie’s Diary, we’re back at it folks, mega mobile advertising part two!

In Part One, we discussed the concept of “mobile first.” Today, we are discussing the decision to choose mobile app advertising..

Mobile App Or Mobile Nap?

(Sorry for the lame heading, I couldn’t think of another relevant word that rhymed with “app.”)


Obviously, a mobile screen is smaller than that of a desktop. This means fewer ads can be served, limiting the impressions users receive. For this reason, there is much more emphasis on user experience. (Is this ad useful or does it direct to content that users will actually like?)

You may think “boo! I want more ad impressions!” But don’t fear, this is for the best. I’ll tell you why.

Mobile App Advertising?

Let's get started!

The restricted size and limited impressions of mobile ads actually prompts businesses/agencies to be smarter about the kinds of mobile ads they serve. The more crowded a screen, the more likely a user will be to download an ad blocker. This obviously would cut any hope you have for an impression…and we don’t want that.

Consumers spend 88% of their time on smartphones in mobile apps. It would make sense to take advantage of mobile app advertising, wouldn’t it?

Yes, it would.

However, to develop an effective mobile app advertising strategy, you have to understand the context. Remember all that jazz I talked about earlier? (Limited screen size, emphasis on user experience, etc…)

By “understand the context” I actually mean “know what you’re doing.” For mobile app advertising strategy to work, you have to work with someone who knows what they’re doing. And lucky for you, we know what we’re doing. If you’re considering mobile app advertising, don’t wait! Get in touch with us today!

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