Unlike the rest of the medical industry, the procedures you offer are elective. This means people have an option. Will they choose you? The first step is to be found as a plastic surgeon.

But not only be found as a plastic surgeon. But as a credible, experienced plastic surgeon who will produce incredible results.

When doing research, the majority of people go online. Whether this is for their child’s science project or for something as significant as an elective procedure, your patients will be looking online. In fact, 97% of people consult online sources before making a buying decision.

Be Sure They Find You First.

But how can you ensure a dominant online presence in the elective medical industry? There a variety of ways to optimize your plastic surgery practice to be found online:

1. Start a blog-Create a blog and publish new content at least once a week. This content is anything and everything pertaining to your target patient market. What will they find interesting, helpful, or entertaining? Provide them with information they want (and need) to establish your credibility as well as build an awareness of yourself or your practice. These blogs can be sent in an email (either to an entire client list or an individual client requesting information on the particular blog topic) and shared on social media. (Need some help starting and writing for a blog? Download our blogging template below!)

2. Utilize social media-The average American spends 40 minutes a day on Facebook. Make sure you have a Facebook “fan” page, not just a personal page. Post to this page at least once a day with relevant content, linking to your website as well as other helpful articles, pictures, promotions, etc. Use platforms such as Twitter (don’t forget a hashtag!), Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn and/or Instagram as well. However when it comes to managing social media, it is important to post regularly and frequently to maintain a dominant online presence. In addition, include social sharing icons on your website as well as any other promotional materials or information. This way, people can find you to engage on social media.

3. Create a YouTube channel-Create a channel on YouTube and create and post videos relevant to your procedures and practice. Since our society is heavily image driven, videos are a great way to engage and educate your target clients.Create videos introducing yourself and your staff, educational videos on the specific procedures you offer, testimonial videos, etc. YouTube videos are another thing you can include on your website and share on social media.

The Key To Being Found Online

These are just some of the many ways you can build a dominant online presence and be found as a plastic surgeon. A key t to being found online is to 1) think like your patients and 2) go where your patients (and future patients) are…online. What information do they want? Which social media platforms do they use? Answer these questions, create and publish the content and you’ll be well on your way to being found as a credible surgeon.

Now that you’re found, be CHOSEN. We’ll show you how.

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