If you were one of the March Madness followers who watched the Georgia State-Baylor game, you may have seen the Georgia State coach literally fall out of his chair at his son’s game-winning shot.

The coach, Ron Hunter, had previously injured himself from jumping up and down after the team’s conference championship. Due to his previous injury, Coach Hunter had been coaching the game against Baylor from a stool on the sidelines. After the intense game (which resulted in a miraculous upset), the coach jumps out of excitement (and off his stool) after his own son shoots the game-winning shot.

Back To Marketing

Alright, let’s tie this “viral moment” back to your marketing. What does it take for your marketing to really stand out? How can you make your marketing/advertising efforts “worth falling over?”

In order for your marketing to stand out, you have to differentiate yourself from your competition. First, decide on one thing that makes your business (or the product/service you offer) different. After determining this quality, use it in your promotion. Make consumers remember you by what makes you different.

Next, develop a marketing strategy around what your unique quality is. Create a “plan of action,” so to speak, with goals and a timeline of when you’d like to achieve those goals. If your marketing efforts do not meet your goals in their set timeline, you should reassess your goals and reset them accordingly.

The means by which you market your business are different for different industries, demographics and locations. Some industries may use traditional media placement to attract their market, while other industries may need to do nothing more than a digital campaign. What marketing means are right for you?

That’s Where We Come In

At SDB, we strive to give you “marketing worth falling over.” We will develop a strategy best suited for you business and provide the marketing means (according to your specific needs) to take you to the next level. Your success is our success, so let’s get started.

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