80% of purchasing decisions are made by women. But why do 90% of these women feel as though marketing is not targeting them correctly?


Everything is online including use of mobile, blogging, online gaming, emailing and social networking.

So lets take a look into the statistics of women online:

Social Networking

56% of all social media users are women


53% of users are women

25% are following brands


54% of users are women

40% are following brands


93% of females are actively using emails

64% are between ages 18 and 29

63% between 30 and 49


91% of women are actively using search engines

66% of those women are between 18 and 29

64% between 30 and 49


44% of females own and use their smart phones to access information

66% of these females are between 18 and 29

59% between 30 and 49


There are 3.9 MILLION blogs written by moms!


So what can we learn from these statistics? Reconsider your marketing strategy! Women are who you need to start targeting! Start tailoring your advertisement towards something that may catch a woman’s eye. Maybe you will be the one to crack the code.

Knowing what they want and how to attract them can be a huge step to success within your company. Stay tuned for more information on how you should be marketing to females.

So what is the next step? Well, you can come together with your team and think of creative ways to re-target your ads OR you can talk to a professional.
We know what to do and how to do it, so just give us a call. Save yourself some time.

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