Honor Our Veterans

Today is Veterans Day! I will admit when typing this I looked up whether the proper usage was “Veterans Day” or “Veteran’s Day.” Turns out the proper usage is Veterans Day because this day isn’t owned by them, but meant to honor them. The truth is we should be honoring our service men and women every single day. Honoring this particular group includes thanking them for service, recognizing their sacrifice, and understanding their needs.

When it comes to marketing to veterans, the game changes a little bit. A study from Networked Insights shows they have stronger reactions to political topics (mostly healthcare), “have strong convictions affecting their preference for certain brands, and continue to be highly stressed about their health, careers and education.”

Veterans are much more likely to react and engage with news/posts about politics, government, and finance. They are also more likely to be stressed about career and education and voice that stress on social media more often than non-veterans. This group is also more likely to voice pride in their education. Brands can reach vets by understanding their wants and needs, and understanding their post-service experience.

Marketing To Vets Checklist

  • Make sure vets are represented when putting together your marketing plan
  • Identify topics vets will be most vocal about and be proactive about how it will affect your brand
  • Consider researching social data to understand the ever-changing challenges vets face


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Understand Veteran Needs When It Comes To Your Marketing



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