When you market your business, it’s important to be up to date with not only your audience, but the marketing industry as a whole. Marketing fads and marketing trends are constantly hot topics and deserve attention. It’s vital to stay up to date and to know the difference between marketing fads and trends to successfully market your business.

Fads Come and Go…Quickly

Think about all of the fads you’ve been a part of. I myself was a huge beanie baby collector, which I thought one day would result in a large pay day. Of course I was wrong, because that fad came and went faster than you can say “Don’t rip that tag off!”

Why Is It Important To Recognize A Fad?

Think about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This challenge was extremely successful and companies jumped on that bandwagon very quickly. Companies who participated were seen as “with it” and aware of what was popular at the time. If a company did that now, while it would still serve a good cause, the participating company would be looked at as out of date, and late to the party.

Trends Can Make Lasting Changes

One of the best examples of a marketing trend that continues to stick is the ever-popular hashtag. The former “pound” sign has shown to be extremely successful in connecting audiences and consumers…and it doesn’t seem to be going away.

Recognize Trends Or Be Left Behind

You’re playing a dangerous game with your marketing when you ignore trends. Competitors and other companies will pass you by with your customers with them.

Don't Get Left Behind

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