2014 has (almost) come and gone. Time (and marketing) moves fast! As a business, how are you expected to keep up with all the latest marketing trends? By reading excellent blogs like this, of course! Here are 3 marketing trends to take your marketing to the next level in 2015.

1. Get Automated-Marketing automation is nothing new, but 2015 is the time to take advantage of the automation advancements that have been made. It’s a necessary tool for successful marketing strategies. You can use marketing automation to customize your website to specific users, based on their previous interactions on your site. With this automation tool, comes impressively detailed analytics you can use to further enhance visitor experience.

2. Be Personal-There’s nothing like a personal touch. Especially when it comes to marketing. Remember Coke’s “Share a Coke with (your name here)” campaign? Of course you do. See, being personal makes an impression. There are more tools available now than ever to provide a more personalized journey through the buying cycle. The software used to make this journey personal enhances browsing experience and adds relevancy to the visitor’s search.

(Speaking of automation and personalization, take a look at our blog on Retargeting, it will BLOW YOUR MIND).

3. Next Level Targeting-It’s almost scary how specific marketers can target their consumers. No longer is it just demographic and gender, but precise location and purchase interest too! We now have the ability to create a completely tailored messages to leads and customers through their specific journeys, in the form of highly specific ads sent to highly specific landing pages. This can increase your leads and ultimately sales due to the relevancy factor. If you’re giving your visitors EXACTLY what they’re looking for, how can they say no?

As a business, it’s important to stay on top of marketing trends to stay relevant in the eyes of your consumer. If you didn’t incorporate any digital marketing into your marketing strategy in 2014, make it your mission to implement it in 2015! You won’t be disappointed.

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