We’ve all seen it before. You may have even visiting a website specifically for it…

The contact section of a website.

But do you know how important that section can be?

Generally, people visit your website for one of two reasons:
1. Obtain information
2. Contact you

Because of this, you need to make the contact section of your website stand out. Not only do you need to make it stand out, but you need to make it simple (see yesterday’s blog). Simple is better, people.

You ask, how can I make a contact section simple?

Achieve Marketing That Stands Out!

We know how. Let us help you.

Besides making it easy to find (think a tab on the home page, as well as a sidebar), make your form fields minimal. This means 4 fields MAX.

  • Name
  • Phone Number (make this field optional-people don’t always like to give their phone number)
  • Email (at least one form of contact {either phone number or email} needs to be required)
  • Comments

When the person looking to contact you submits the form, they should be contacted immediately (within 8:30-5:30 business hours). So, the email address that receives these form submission notifications should be someone who frequently checks their email (at least every hour). Don’t forget to change the email if the person leaves town! Or, be sure to forward their emails to someone else.

The importance of checking and responding to these emails is the same reason for monitoring and responding to Facebook engagement (as discussed in Part One). People want, and deserve, a prompt response. If they don’t receive it, they’ll take their business elsewhere…

There’s still more! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s last bit of expert advice!

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