The marketing success continues with success story #2!

This success story is not a case study, but rather in the words of one of our clients. We first created a marketing strategy for Eye LASIK Midland and have enjoyed successfully implementing it over the years. Our primary focus is directing online traffic (keywords such as LASIK, eye LASIK, laser surgery, etc.) to the website we created for Eye LASIK Midland. Once the visitor has been directed to the website, we convert them into a lead after they fill out a “Free Consultation” form. This form is then sent to Eye LASIK, and they follow up with them.

Let Our Next Success Story Be Yours!

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Words from Eye LASIK Midland:

“We have had great results with SDB over the years. That’s why we’ve been here almost 10 years. Once we started an effective marketing program, it was one of our best years since we started. It is great to see the results in black and white. The patient initially found us on the internet, scheduled a consult, and low and behold, they had their surgery.

It feels that it is worth the investment in the Internet.

As far as local companies, you are the company we have been working with the longest. And we’ve enjoyed it…a good learning experience, for me and for the doctors. It has been very beneficial to our business as well.”

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