As promised, we are giving you real life marketing success stories in an attempt to show you how marketing can work for you. First up, marketing success story #1!

“In July 2014, Be Beautiful Primary Care & Medical Spa (name changed) made a significant change to their marketing; they chose to use SDB Creative Group to implement an inbound marketing plan for their primary marketing strategy. Previously, Be Beautiful had spent thousands on radio and media buys. They had a strong Facebook following, but did not use any other social media platforms. Be Beautiful also had a website, however, it was not visually appealing or user friendly.

Within the first month of inbound, SDB had created a new website for Be Beautiful. Among various other features, the website featured separate pages for each of their spa services, as well as a section for their primary care. SDB began publishing a blog to the Be Beautiful website, and sharing that blog to their social media. Within that same month, Be Beautiful expanded their social media platform, claiming their Google Plus page, creating a Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Since SDB began managing Be Beautiful’s Facebook page, the page growth has grown from 6,380 likes to 7,199 likes (in just 5 months!)”

Marketing Works.

Let our next success story be yours.

But that was just the beginning of the marketing success for Be Beautiful Primary Care & Medical Spa…

As you can see, marketing works. Even though Be Beautiful started with an online presence, it was weak. However, we can make your online presence strong…and if it’s currently nonexistent, we can create and grow it! (In fact, we like starting from scratch!)

We’ll continue with more of their marketing success tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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