Have you developed a marketing strategy for 2015? If not, don’t worry! We’ve made it easy with 2 words…

Inbound marketing.

Lost already? Don’t be. We’ll start from square one.

What’s That?

Instead of buying ads, buying email lists, or cold calling, inbound marketing focuses on creating educational content that pulls people toward your website where they can learn more about what you sell on their own accord.

Inbound marketing is an approach to marketing that reaches today’s consumer. It’s marketing with a magnet, not a sledgehammer.

How Does It Work?

Inbound marketing is a philosophy based on the truth that consumers buy differently today than they did 10 years ago. Where do people go when they’re looking to make a purchase? Online. Inbound marketing takes your marketing to where your consumers are. Online.

Numbers Don’t Lie.

Just to put it in perspective for you, we’ll give you some stats:
In 1920, there was 1 radio station. In 2011, there were 14,700.
In 1946, America had 12 broadcasting TV stations. In 2011, there were over 1,700.
In 1998 (over 15 years ago!), the average consumer saw or heard 1 million marketing messages – almost 3,000 per day.
In 2014, there are 1,500 stories competing to show up in your personal Facebook News Feed at any given moment.

In Summary

To summarize, inbound is…
Building trust, not skepticism among your prospects.
Being loved, not ignored by your customers.
Outsmarting, not outspending, your competitors.

There you have it. Inbound makes sense. Why? Our society is “on demand.” You have to give your consumer what they want, when they want it.

See? We told you we’ve made it easy! BUT, if you still have questions, take a look at our Inbound Marketing FAQs blog!

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