Will You Be Found Online?

Marketing for a political campaign has gone beyond yard signs. Your voters are online. Are they finding you? Or are they finding your competitors? How do you begin marketing for a political campaign?

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Competition is the root of the political campaigning process. You must stand above and beyond your competition in order to win your desired position. Using relevant content and advances in digital technology, you can do just that.

Use Inbound Marketing Tools For Your Political Campaign

If you’re running for a political office, there are a variety of innovative tools to be utilized. These tools make up an inbound marketing program. A social media platform must be built, specific to the interests and preferences of your voters. Not only must you build a social media platform, but you should nurture and maintain the platform and its’ networks. Interacting with followers over social media will help to increase awareness, build relationships, and establish a loyal voter base. The content for this social media platform should be educational, relevant and interesting. A current, consistent blog should supplement a social media platform. What better way for voters to get to know you and your position than through your own words?

Search engine marketing is another innovative tool to be utilized during a political campaign. When searching online, do voters find you or your competition? Be sure you rank at the top of their search results. After establishing a contact base, how do you inform these contacts of various events, polling information, etc? Email marketing can be used to do just that. Any type of direct mail is considered “junk mail” to most, and email marketing can be a way to replace it, as well as be seen as innovative and resourceful.

Stand Above The Rest

Marketing is one of the most vital parts of any political campaign. You must go to where your voters are, which is online. In addition to an online presence, you must stand above your competitors. This is all made possible with the components of an inbound marketing program.

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