By now, you may have seen McDonald’s newest commercial, part of their latest ad campaign. The commercial features a series of shots of various McDonald location’s outdoor signs. Everything from personalized “It’s A Girl” to “Boston Strong,” McDonald’s is attempting to convince people that they care about community. However, not everyone is “lovin’ it.” The goal of a good agency, and a good campaign, is to create marketing people love.

The ad has been aired during NFL games and the Golden Globe awards and did not receive the best response on Twitter. Amongst wage arguments and nutrition disputes, the world of social media wasn’t convinced that McDonald’s is the face of corporate kindness. One person even tweeted that it was a “desperate attempt to rescue their image.” To be fair, not everyone hated the commercial. I actually enjoyed it myself. What did you think? Check it out here and let us know!

Now Is The Time

Don’t wait until your business (no matter how large or small it may be!) is suffering to amp your marketing. NOW is the time to market your business. How? While there are various means and methods of marketing and advertising, the one that we have found works best is inbound marketing. It’s the process of attracting buyers to you as opposed to you having to go out and find buyers. Why does it work? Because it’s marketing people WANT. Marketing people ENJOY. Marketing people LOVE.

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