Whoa. This is a myth that definitely needs busting.

Marketing strategies are most definitely 100% NOT a one person job. In fact, marketing strategies are most successful when implemented by a team.


We’re glad you asked. Marketing strategies involve various components: video, website, content creation, imagery, promotions, etc. And guess what? Every person has their own “specialty.” Just because you can write an awesome blog, optimized for search engine results (complete with alt tags and image captions) does NOT necessarily mean you can create a website or produce a video.

Of course, there are those “marketing powerhouses” that can do it all, but more than likely, you won’t find one of those people to hire. And even if you do, do you really want something as important as your marketing strategy in the hands of one person?

Expert Implementation

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s best to get different creative ideas/inputs from various experts? In addition to that creative input, you would also get those people’s specialties, meaning you would have a well-rounded, expertly implemented strategy to achieve maximum effectiveness.

So what does that mean? Hire a team. Don’t trust just one person with your marketing. Trust a team of experts. Experts who bring a variety of creative ideas to the table. Ideas that make you look good. Ideas that work for your business. Isn’t that what you want from your marketing strategy? Yeah, we thought so.

Marketing myth BUSTED!

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