“Rub some dirt on it!”

Most of us have heard that phrase multiple times, meaning “put some dirt over a problem (usually an injury that requires a little more than dirt) and be on your way.”

Well, for most of us, “throwing some dirt on it” doesn’t fix the problem…distracts from the problem, maybe, but the problem still exists.

Wondering where I’m going with this? Stay with me.

So this phrase can relate to your marketing. Unfortunately, some business owners are under the impression that marketing fixes everything. Low sales numbers? Let’s run a radio spot. Lack of brand awareness? Start a Facebook page!

Ehhhh, not exactly.

Sure, marketing is awesome. In fact, it CAN increase sales numbers and increase brand awareness. But, it’s not a “cure all.”

A Marketing Injustice

Marketing should be part of an overall business strategy. In fact, when starting a business, marketing should be one of the first considerations. To implement a marketing strategy only when it’s “needed” is an injustice to the process itself.

One of my favorite quotes is “marketing is food, not medicine.” I love this because it’s so true. Marketing should not be something you take when you’re sick. It’s something you should have everyday to “nourish” your business. WIth this nourishment comes growth and sustainability.

Not Dirt

So, while marketing is a necessary part of any business and should be implemented in a business strategy, it is not meant to fix a failing business. Marketing is not a Band-Aid or medicine, and it’s most definitely not dirt.

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Marketing myth BUSTED!

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