We started out this week busting the myth of “cheap marketing.” If you missed it, catch it here.

Well, now we’re “busting” the other side of that myth, expensive marketing.

Expensive Marketing

“Marketing is expensive!” We don’t always hear it to our faces, but we know it’s out there. And what we’re about to say might surprise you…


Yep. Believe it or not, we are sympathetic to business owners trying to implement a marketing plan (especially if you’re just starting out). We understand that, along with everything else, marketing is sometimes hard to pay for. It’s hard to justify buying something without immediate return.

But let us tell you…

It’s worth it!

And we aren’t just talking from a marketing agency perspective. We’re telling you because we’ve experienced it firsthand, not only from our clients but from ourselves.

Think Of It This Way

Change your perspective for a minute and let’s be entirely realistic. Say you put $1000 towards your marketing  strategy this month. You get decent exposure, and one sale (valued at $500) directly from your marketing. So, that month, your marketing cost $500.

The next month rolls around and you put another $1000 towards your marketing. Well, a lead comes in (they saw your ad last month and remembered your name) and you close them as a sale (another $500)! Your exposure keeps increasing and you notice a lot more clicks on your website. Well, one of those clicks makes a call and turns into an account client (an account that you’re billing $1500 a month).

So that means, that one account client (alone) has more than paid for your monthly marketing. And that example is minimum. The exposure you get from your marketing will only continue to generate more leads and sales for your business. Point of the story? Your marketing pays for itself. And after a little time? It makes money.

So, back to expensive marketing. Yes, marketing may be initially expensive. But, it can (and will, if implemented correctly) make money. Ready to get started? Submit the form below!

Marketing myth busted!

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