Last week I introduced you to the Seven Musts of Marketing. Millions of dollars in research have been spent looking at which marketing activities top companies do consistently. This week, we are highlighting Marketing Must #1, Personal Contact.

Humans are experiencing a fundamental shift in the way we communicate due to social media. It can save you quite a bit of money, especially on the customer service side. Personal Contact, however, properly executed by professional sales personnel, is an absolute must. The effectiveness of developing a personal relationship with clients and prospects will never be replaced. In a world where brand loyalty can shift overnight, it is more critical than ever for customers to know your company’s story, philosophy, value you offer, etc. Personal contact is the best method of clearly communicating with your customers.

Do you have sales people who can clearly communicate with your customers and potential customers? Do they have market knowledge and data that is valuable? Are they highly trained professionals?

If you do not have sales people, how fast can you hire them? How fast can you train them?

If you do not want employees, what system are you using to ensure you are making personal contact with your clients consistently?

Spend some time working on your business and not in it this week. Workshop these questions with your executive team or your one-man army. A breakthrough could be right around the corner for you, and when you have it…share it with us!

Shane Boring

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