This quote from Sam Walton about why you should advertise says it all: “If you don’t invite people to come into your business, they won’t.”

You have to advertise to stay ahead. Unfortunately most businesses have no clue where they can most effectively advertise. Take away this nugget: Media reps lie. They all want your dollar, and they are all number one. Their main interest is in selling their time or space whether it is a good fit for your business or not. When you combine these tactics with a company’s lack of time to fully investigate where the best place to advertise for them is, you have a recipe for failure. What does this do? It leaves a bad taste in the advertiser’s mouth, and leads them to make an even worse decision not to advertise.

SDB Creative Group doesn’t just do one thing or another. We’re a well-rounded, full service advertising and marketing agency. Want to know how you get around the media reps and put everything in black and white? How about knowing how to hit 100% of your target by spending less money? Send us an email detailing what your biggest marketing and advertising challenge is, and I’ll let you in on these secrets.

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