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This week, we are giving you “marketing mishaps” and telling you how to avoid them.

Of course, certain mishaps are just part of growing and learning, but when it comes to marketing, most are mistakes not worth making. Let us tell you more!

Social Media That Falls Short

Have you considering using social media for business? If so, it’s an excellent idea! Just another way to utilize our digital world.

Your customers are using social media. It’s imperative that your presence on social media, no matter what platform it is, is dominant, responsive and current. People make mistakes using social media for business by 1) not having a consistent presence 2) not responding or acknowledging client comments or inquiries and 3) not having current business information (hours, address, etc.) listed.

Don’t make those mistakes.

Not Social Media Savvy?

You're in luck. We are!


When using social media media for business, you should post at least once a day. This keeps your page current and interesting to your followers. Give them a reason to follow you! Share exclusive information, do giveaways, post helpful/entertaining/interesting content to keep them coming back for more!


ANY time someone takes the time to interact with your page (even if it’s negative), be sure to respond in some way. An ignored comment or question from a follower only makes your business look bad, and you could potentially lose a customer.


Quite often, someone will refer to a social media page to find out what time a place opens, or where they are located. Be sure that all the information on your social media bio is accurate and current. If not, you’ll be promoting the wrong information about your business. No one wants to do that!

Be Relevant.

Using social media for business is not only beneficial to your business, but also to your awareness and reputation. A business who
maintains a current, consistent presence on social media is seen as relevant. Customers will remember your relevance when they need your product or service.

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