On to more marketing mishaps!

You know, mishaps you don’t want in your marketing.

We’ve discussed missing marketing strategy, website woes and social media that comes up short…all things that can be detrimental to your marketing efforts.

Of course, we’re telling you how to avoid those mishaps. Next up, sad search engine results!

Sad Search Engine Results

You Google your products or services, and you don’t show up. Not in the first few listings…not even on the first page?! What gives?

Search engine results are dependent on various factors, one of them being optimization. Is your website optimized for search engine results? If it’s not showing up on search engine results, then probably not.

But what does it take to achieve search engine optimization?

  • Content
  • Images
  • Page Titles
  • Headers
  • Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Site Key
  • Easy Navigation
  • Recent Updates
  • Required Maintenance
  • & MORE

The list goes on and on, quite frankly. Website development and maintenance is a job best left to a professional. Period. Your brother’s friend’s godson is not.

Search Engine Results Making You Sad?

We're here to cheer you up!

The best way to avoid a marketing mishap like sad search engine results is to hire a team who is an expert in achieving “top of the page” search engine results.

That’s us.

It’s vital that your website development and SEO is in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing. Yes, you may have to pay more for their work. But take it from us, it’s much better to pay more now than endure countless obstacles and struggles later.

Trust us on this one. Trust SDB.

But wait! There’s one more marketing mishap to come! See you tomorrow!

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