“Mishaps” are a part of everyday life. You forget your keys, you leave the laundry in the washer for 3 days, you wear the mismatched shoes to work, you forget your anniversary…ya know, everyday mishaps.

Well, businesses have everyday mishaps, too. It’s part of life! But you can definitely avoid some of those mishaps with the tips in our blog series this week! First up, a missing marketing strategy.

Missing Marketing Strategy

If you are a business, you need a marketing strategy. Plain and simple. Some businesses put off a marketing strategy because 1) they don’t value marketing 2) or they need to make more money before they develop a strategy. That’s a mistake.

If you are starting a new business and looking to create a marketing strategy, then congrats! You’re on the right track and you’ve come to the right place. If you have an existing business, but no marketing strategy, no need to panic. We can help with that, too!

Don't Make A Marketing Mishap!

…trust SDB!

Step One: Choose goals and deadlines.

What do you want to see from your marketing and when? Think things like “20% Facebook page growth in 1 month” or “3 website leads in 3 months” etc. Make your goals and deadlines realistic.

Step Two: Consult the experts.

This is an interchangeable step with step one. Don’t know how to choose an advertising expert? We have a blog series that will help! If you need help deciding your goals and deadlines, an advertising professional should be able to help. It is important to work with someone who is knowledgable and experienced. If not, your “marketing strategy” could prove to be disastrous.

Step Three: Determine & define.

Develop a marketing strategy with your advertising experts that aligns with your goals and deadlines. Determine what to expect over a certain amount of time. Be sure that what you want from your marketing aligns with those goals. Define your role; know what you are accountable for implementing and what your advertising team is doing.

Step Four: Implementation.

This step is probably the most critical. It’s nice to have a strategy and all, but it’s most important that you follow through with that strategy. If you are trusting an advertising agency to implement your marketing strategy, it is best to check in with them every week or so. Let them know what’s going on in your business, what you’re seeing from your marketing, things that are working and things that aren’t. Ask your new customers how they found you and why they chose you.

An effective marketing strategy is the foundation for successful marketing. A missing marketing strategy is like building your marketing plan on sand. It will be washed away with the first tide. Build your marketing on a rock and trust us to take you to the top.

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