Sometimes, people are hesitant to begin a marketing program because of a misconception they have about advertising. But guess what? Effective advertising is possible. We’re going to attempt to clear up just a few of the main misconceptions in this 3 part blog series, starting with “annoying advertising.”
Unfortunately, all too often I hear, “advertising is annoying. I hate pop ups and emails!” Guess what? I understand your frustration.

Like any other consumer, I don’t like my life  to be interrupted with empty messages. I understand why you might feel annoyed by this type of advertising. However…

…first of all, there is more to marketing that pop ups and emails. Second of all, if you find advertising to be annoying, chances are the advertising is probably not being done correctly. The simple truth is this: effective advertising isn’t annoying. Yes, it’s an obvious point. Advertising can’t be effective if it is annoying to the target consumer! Let us tell you the key to effective advertising…

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…with effective advertising!

The key to effective advertising is value. When there’s value to the marketing messages you receive, those messages can be effective.

How can you add value to you marketing? First start by asking yourself what your target audience wants to see. What do they find valuable? What do they find helpful? What do they find entertaining?

Answer those questions and then give the people what they want!

Sounds simple, right?

Not always. You may be able to answer those questions, but providing the content that your consumers want to see is the challenging part.

But you’re in luck. SDB is here to help! Simply contact us by submitting the form above. Let’s begin the path to effective advertising today.

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