Marketing is like Monopoly. How? Well, I’ve certainly got a story to share!

One of the days leading up to Christmas break my daughter’s class had pajama day. They could also bring board games. To be sure there was plenty to do and so the teacher wouldn’t try to slip in actual work, my daughter loaded up the board games. One of our family favorites is still Monopoly. With the classic version, as it’s now called, I spent many hours trying to buy up all the railroads, Park Place and saving to purchase houses for my properties.

My daughter came home raving about a new Monopoly where you get to use a debit card. Instead of paying for electricity you’re paying for internet and cell phone service. The idea behind the game is the same but the colors are brighter and New York skyline and Dallas are the places to buy. The old game pieces: iron, shoe, dog, thimble and wheel barrel have become a Rollerblade, jumbo jet, race car & cell phone.

Obviously, these toy companies spend countless hours strategizing to make to keep their products relevant to today’s buyers and they have entire departments to do this. But what about you? Do you take steps to be sure your products and services continue to be relevant to your market? If you are still in business you must. Just as what you offer must adapt, so must your marketing.

Connecting with your audience on-line is instrumental to your success. But just having a website isn’t enough. You must keep your website up to date and look for ways to bring new information to your customers and to customers looking for what you have to offer.

• Review your marketing plan consistently, as well as the position of your competitors.

• Keep your website content rich. Provide not only information about your company but also work to position yourself as an industry resource on timely topics.

• Blogging is a great way to keep your content ever-changing. Use more than one person in your company to blog. This offers various topics and interesting styles of writing.

• Provide testimonials and change them on a consistent basis

• Pictures on your website are great, but remember repeat visitors to your site like to see new images related to your business.

• Don’t just post on your social media platforms, engage and become part of the conversation. This is a great way to keep you knowledgeable about what your perspective customers are saying and looking for.

We’ll keep buying the new flashy games, but for now my family and I will have to pass on the new Dance Twister with Brittney Spears.

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