Ahhh the grand finale of our “Marketing In Midland” blog series! For that finale, we’ll be encompassing all of our digital services into something we like to call “inbound marketing.” If you’re considering marketing in Midland, inbound marketing is exactly what you need.

Inbound Marketing Defined

An effective inbound marketing program can attract, covert, close and delight customers. But various components must work together to accomplish the overall goal of driving website traffic, generating leads and increasing sales. For an inbound program to be effective, tools that maintain the components must be both consistent and creative, as well as delivered to the right people, at the right time. It’s all part of creating marketing people love.


An inbound marketing program combines all of the components we’ve discussed this week: strategy, website, SEO and content creation, email marketing, and social media. Our society is on demand. We want things when we want it, where we want it. Make your marketing something people WANT.

Why Inbound?

Buying research and their accompanying buying decisions are now made online. When someone is interested in purchasing something significant, they first do their research online before visiting any physical location (if they visit a physical location at all). This reason, among others, is why your website should be optimized to drive leads and generate sales. In order for an inbound marketing program to work to its’ fullest potential, the website you lead online visitors to should be entirely optimized.

Why Choose SDB?

At SDB, we see ourselves as a full-service marketing extension of your company. We want to provide your business with a customized marketing plan that will not only out perform your competition and increase sales, but will far exceed your goals and objectives. Gone are the days where you will have to answer to hundreds of advertising salespeople.Additionally, our in-house creative services ensure fast turnaround and efficient communication for our clients. Whether it’s by implementing an inbound marketing program or designing an extraordinary website, we take your worry out of marketing. Your focus should be on the success of your business. That’s where ours is!

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