If you missed it yesterday, take a look at the introduction to our “Marketing In Midland” blog series, Marketing In Midland: Part 1. As you’ll see, despite the price of oil, NOW is the time to be marketing in Midland, Texas.

We discussed in Part 1 that your first step is strategy. In order to see success from marketing, you have to start with a plan of action. After strategy, what should be your first step towards implementing an effective marketing plan?

A website.

The Importance Of A Website

Did you know that it only takes 90 seconds for the unconscious mind to make a decision about the product or company when looking at your website? And 93% of people will only work with a company that has a pleasant visual appearing website. Going to the store has been replaced by online shopping. The purchasing power has been shifted from sellers to the buyers. The buyers are doing their research. This reason, among others, is why your website should be optimized to drive leads and generate sales. Your website is not only an integral part of your creative development, but it is one of the most important aspects of your business and a complete representation of your company as a whole.

In Midland, like almost anywhere, the value of an online presence is high. As a business, you should be sure that your business is found and found easily. Someone searching for your business or for your services should be considered a lead. Make that lead a sale for your business.

But How?

How can you turn website traffic into sales revenue? Stay tuned for Marketing In Midland: Part 3. We’ll cover exactly how to convert website visitors into leads and ultimately sales. Or, if you’re ready to get started, submit the form below to have one of our marketing professionals contact you!

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