For today’s marketing horror story, we hope you’re feeling brave, because this twisted tale is enough to send anyone in a corner screaming. This is the story of Tom. A man who lived through a nightmare with a company he thought he could trust. A company who made the mistake of ghosting customers with no remorse….

The Ghoulish Ghosting Group

“Bye! Thank you for a job well done,” Tom said as he waived goodbye to the man he thought had just fixed his refrigerator. If only he had known. His refrigerator hadn’t been working for a while. On again, off again. The ruined groceries were countless at this point, but the repair company had been on top of the situation thus far and had helped him every time he called.

At First They Were Attentive

This company was new and starting to gain some serious traction among locals needing household repairs. Tom was thrilled with how they had helped. One day, Tom opened his ice box and noticed lukewarm food and a spoiled smell yet again. That’s when everything changed.

Tom Was Forgotten

Tom called his go-to repair business and was told he would receive a call back later. He waited a couple of hours to call them back, and was told to fill out a form online and someone would get back to him soon. Beginning to get frustrated, Tom filled out a form and yet again received no response.

Then Came The Treachery 

For four long days and nights, Tom waited. And waited. And waited some more. Loyal to who had helped him multiple times before, he decided to give them one more chance. The company got his call and told Tom they would arrive at his home the next morning to repair the appliance. They never showed up.The HORROR. The DECEIT. The ANGRY CUSTOMER.

Turns out, the more popular the company got, the more they began ghosting customers that helped their reputation in the first place. “I’ll never forget how they treated me,” Tom said. “I’d never use them again.”


Afraid you're ghosting your customers?

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