This week, we’re sharing our marketing horror stories in honor of Halloween. They’re pretty spooky, so beware! This story comes from one of our clients*, who has asked to remain anonymous.

*not really, we’re just having fun with some good old-fashioned ghost story-style blogs this week!

The Tale Of The Apparition Agency Man

“My business was growing so well,” John told us. “We have a great product and though we were a new company, we felt we were really ready to market it to the public.

I did some research and found an agency who claimed to offer everything we needed, including a website. The man, who we only met once, was quiet but seemed knowledgable. He also quoted us an unbelievable price. He promised, mostly via email, that he could have our site finished to our specifications in less than a month. We submitted our payment in full and anxiously awaited the results.

That’s when strange things started to happen. Our calls would go straight to voicemail, our emails would bounce back, just lots of odd things. I would be out in public and out of the corner of my eye, I would see the man. He would give me a strange little smile and seemed to disappear in the crowd.

Then, over 3 months later, I received an email. It simply said, ‘It is finished,’ and included a link to our domain name. Man, I can’t even tell you how awful that site was! The photos were grainy, there were 404 errors everywhere, and dead links galore. It was a completely useless site! Even worse, when we tried to get him to fix it, it was like he simply vanished into thin air. We had to start over from scratch. It was a complete and utter nightmare.

From time to time, I swear I still see him. He looks right at me with that funny little smile and simply nods his head.”

SDB Is So Transparent With Our Clients...

...We Could Be Ghosts.

Are you chilled to your bones yet? While this story didn’t actually happen in such a ghostly way, it’s very likely that it could happen to you if you don’t choose the right agency for your business.

SDB Creative Group prides itself on effectively communicating expectations and limitations with our clients. Our customer service model focuses on timely product delivery, transparent communication, and making sure that the product is completed the right way. When you’re ready to give up the ghost of a bad agency, contact SDB. You’ll be spooktacularly surprised at the results of working with a great, full-service agency.

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