This week, I’ve discussed several marketing gripes…because yes, even marketers have them. However, all of these gripes have a common theme…

They are all interruptive.

Whether I’m receiving a direct mail piece, hearing a radio ad, or being disturbed by a TV commercial, my life is being interrupted.

So how can this be resolved? How can you change your marketing from interruptive to attractive?

2 Words: Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the way to market your business. It’s about providing content that people actually want to see, content they see a benefit from, content they enjoy…

Start "Marketing With A Magnet"

…and attract your customers!

Remember that “marketing with a magnet instead of a sledgehammer” saying I dropped earlier in the series? It all about attracting your customers, not beating them into business.

No one wants to be “sold” anymore. Today, people sell themselves. If you think about it enough, you’ll realize it’s true. In fact, most people are annoyed with common sales tactics and typically opt to just buy it online and avoid the sales pitch they would get in stores. I know for me, personally, I want a lot of information before I make a significant purchase. If it were 10 years ago, I would have to talk to a salesperson *cringe* and end up buying something I may have never intended to buy. However, today, I go online, find the information I need and make the purchase I want.

So take your marketing where your customers are. Get started with Internet marketing. Give them the opportunity to choose you…and with SDB on your side, they will.

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